Deep, bellowing sky
rippling through mulberry lilies,
kindling spirits of love lost
to be reborn again
in their jubilant sway.






Stained Glass Memories

Share with me this lucidity,
an amorous shell of fragile wisdom,
molten disparity, solid warmth,
kisses of sugared cherries and grape.
Hear them mulling in burning chests,
as the sun strikes down upon black crowns,
offering no more than
exhausted exaltation.
Hoarding time and gathering detail
we capture this earthly colour
in our stained-glassed memories.


The Blue Embrace

The sea was calling.
As I stood on the edge of the world
I imagined everything suddenly
turning on it's side.
The water below moved over the rocks
like cells dividing, 
and the rocks sang warning to the sea
to open her weary arms
to me.

Fields of Carmine

I left my
in a coffin
made of webs
where it grows wild and
in fields of carmine.
I often miss the pain.
The fruitful anguish of
with a 
bellowing chest.







The objectification
of my own shadow
cast bluntly
over your chest

                                                                perversity armoured,
                                                                                              adorned in gold.