A heart adorned in flowers, although dying
still yearns for sublimity.
est vitae essentia
In the feathers of the blackened corvidae
which will, too
fall to the earth,
and turn to decay.





Image: A behind the scenes shot by my dear friend Joyce, from a recent photoshoot with Sydney photographer, Loren Bousfield (Obscur Photography). Project to be unveiled soon.

Since I cannot fathom words as of late…




As I lay here
Cradling you in my weary ribs
A saccharine fever
Like the black spiders poison
Ripe, garnet red.

 Decaying limbs intertwined
A bodiless affection
Every sweet follicle of your being
I absorb – inebriating.

 An elegant crux entanglement,
Of swollen fibres
The amiable death of emptiness,
Held deep,
a precious blood jewel.

I drink your words,
I capture every thought in your eyes with mine,
Longing for your body to swallow me whole,
To drown me in your milk-wine blood.


The fall of night was endless
upon the cracked winter sea.
She had swallowed 
every star that ever was.
The rain began to roar -
tearing through the fibres
 of treasured wounds.

With hands peeled open,
cold blooded and gushing,
a diamond falls from the storm.
You are my light.