The Blue Embrace

The sea was calling.
As I stood on the edge of the world
I imagined everything suddenly
turning on it's side.
The water below moved over the rocks
like cells dividing, 
and the rocks sang warning to the sea
to open her weary arms
to me.

Fields of Carmine

I left my
in a coffin
made of webs
where it grows wild and
in fields of carmine.
I often miss the pain.
The fruitful anguish of
with a 
bellowing chest.







The objectification
of my own shadow
cast bluntly
over your chest

                                                                perversity armoured,
                                                                                              adorned in gold.


Delicate Elytron


Delicate elytron,

The clouds have fallen,
slowly, dreadfully,
nothing will grow from this dark shadow now
except the aluminium beetles with wings that glow green
tiny bodies
filled with death
and love
and me.