The objectification
of my own shadow
cast bluntly
over your chest

                                                                perversity armoured,
                                                                                              adorned in gold.


Delicate Elytron


Delicate elytron,

The clouds have fallen,
slowly, dreadfully,
nothing will grow from this dark shadow now
except the aluminium beetles with wings that glow green
tiny bodies
filled with death
and love
and me.


A heart adorned in flowers, although dying
still yearns for sublimity.
est vitae essentia
In the feathers of the blackened corvidae
which will, too
fall to the earth,
and turn to decay.





Image: A behind the scenes shot by my dear friend Joyce, from a recent photoshoot with Sydney photographer, Loren Bousfield (Obscur Photography). Project to be unveiled soon.

Since I cannot fathom words as of late…